Meet with one of our expert coaches. They will help you develop a regular fitness routine and define your goals. Our coaches specialize in strength training, muscle building, fat loss, mobility, nutrition, and competition prep. (i.e. powerlifting)

About Us

We reserve 8 hours of the day to provide you with a coach to train through your session most efficiently. Ask us questions, get suggestions, and receive instant feedback!

Free weights, squat racks, barbells, and pin-loaded cable machines are a few examples of strength equipment have here at APEX.

*See our schedule for coaching hours*

Our Main Services



Become a powerlifter and become strong enough to compete and make serious strength gains! Runs every 12 weeks.


Train like a bodybuilder. Put your energy in Maximizing Muscle Growth. Get specific on where you want More Size and Definition with multiple Bodybuild Programs to choose from. Glutes, Arms, Abs, and MORE!


The perfect mix between true Full-body Strength and Unlimited Endurance. Train strength/power through our Olympic Weightlifting programming. Combined with high-intensity Metabolic Conditioning.


Through Personal Training, you will receive your own Custom Programming that will be 100% tailored to your goals from first time gym-goers, working around injuries, or perfecting your training with a coach by your side.

Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend this gym to everyone no matter where you are in your workout journey. If you are just beginning your workout journey, this is perfect. Coach City and coach Michael will help you select a program based on your goals and will walk you through the workouts. If you are further along your workout journey, it's a perfect place to try different programs and perfect place to master your forms. The gym is always growing and improving to their customers needs. So stop by and give them a try.”
Alberto O.
“Joining APEX has been one of the best decisions I've made for my health and fitness journey and there is no looking back... I had taken a gym class in college, hired a personal trainer, followed and trained with IG influencers; I mean, you name it, I've done it...I am beyond happy with my progress and results. I learned that what you see on the scale is not as important as to how you feel in your body. I initially lost all the weight that I had gained, but am now gaining weight in all the right places. If you know, you know. There is simply no other gym that I can recommend more than APEX. I am beyond grateful for their coaching and cannot see myself training anywhere else. ”
Karla G.
“Great gym with awesome trainers. You will get stronger. The atmosphere is very warm and you'll feel at home no matter your gym experience. The trainers are very good at teaching new movements and correcting issues. 100% recommend."
Marcela V.


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