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Sumo Deadlift (Top Set: 1 x 3 @RPE 7
Working Sets: 3 x 3 – 10%)

Same procedure as monday. This program will push you and test your new found core stability and better use of mechanics. Remember if anything hurts or feels tight, work harder during your warm-ups. No need to visit a chiropractor or even me. Your warm ups go hard like your workout.

Each week we are increasing your deadlift please stick to RPE 7.

Superset A.

Chin Ups (3 x 5-8)

3 x 5-8

Try to repeat the same amount of reps you get to in set 1. If you do 8 chin ups the first set, but only do 5 for the second, rest for a few seconds, and do the remaining 3 reps. Do the same for the 3rd set.

Weighted Sit-ups (3 x 15)

3 x 15

RPE 7-8

Use an abmat if available. If not, then keep your knees bent instead of straight as showed in the video.

Superset B.

Farmer’s Carry (3 x :45 seconds)

Use 2 kettlebells (dumbbells if kettlebells are unavailable.)


You should feel your grip working hard at the 30 second mark.

If there is no walking space, Do marching high knees in place for the 45 seconds

Single Arm Seated Cable Row (3 x 10-12 each side)

3 x 10-12 on each side

RPE 8-9

watch the video as he gives good advice on how to do this movement.

No you are twisting your torso so if your core isnt tight, you might tweak your back. Stay tight and focused. Use lifting straps if needed.

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