FOURTH OF JULY (Monday July 4)
-No PM classes (Only: 450, 5:50, 6:50, and 8:50)

-July 16
-Workout starts at 4:00pm, Party Starts at 5:00pm
-Refer to gym whiteboard for POTLUCK list

Apex Strength Performance – APEX Performance Training

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Back Squat (5×2)

5 sets, 2 reps

-RPE 8

-Every 2 minutes

Clock is set for a 20:00 time cap

All sets including warm up sets will be done every 2 minutes.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds

20/14 Calories Air Bike

8 Sandbag Clean + Squat

Rx women: 75#

Rx men: 100#
Sandbag Clean + Squat:

This is not a Squat Clean where you pull it and catch in a squat. Instead you clean the bag up to your shoulder, then you do a full squat from the top. Bring it back to the floor and repeat for 8 reps.


Barbell Reverse Lunge (Build to a 10RM in 10:00)

Alternating Reverse Lunge

Build to an Alternating Reverse Lunge 10 rep max in 10:00

Rest accordingly as sets get heavier.

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