Apex Performance Training LLC – Performance Training Program (In-Class)

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Floor Press (@RPE 8)

A) 1 x 6 @RPE 8

B) 3 x 6 -10%

“A” is your top set

“B” are your working sets

Rest 2 minutes between working sets.

This is an accessory movement and should not be compared to the weight used for the BENCH PRESS. Use grip width you use for bench press.

Superset A.

These exercises are done with little to no rest in between them. Rest after 2nd exercise.

Barbell Row

3 x 10

@RPE 8-9

Do not need to touch the floor.

Push Press

3 x Max Reps

Use the same weight you used for Barbell Rows. Must Clean it into position.

Superset B.

Treat this superset as a metcon. No rest. 3 rounds for time.

Dual Dumbbell Bicep Curl

3 x 10

@RPE 8-9

Dual Dumbbell Skullcrushers

3 x 10

@RPE 8-9

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