Apex Performance Training LLC – Performance Training Program (In-Class)

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Comp Squat (@RPE 9)

High Bar or Low Bar
A) 1 x 6 @RPE 9

B) 3 x 6 -10%

“A” is your top set

“B” are your working sets

Rest 2 minutes between working sets.

Your top set should be a near 6 rep max. Push yourself this week. Hit some big lifts. Spotters recommended.

Superset A.

These exercises are done with little to no rest in between them. Rest after 2nd exercise.

Reverse Lunge to Box Step Up

Use 2 dumbbells

3 x 5 reps each side (lunge to step up is 1 rep)

@RPE 8-9

Weighted Sit-ups

Use single dumbbell

3 x 12

@RPE 8-9

Superset B.

Treat this superset as a metcon. No rest. 3 rounds for time.

Sandbag Squat

3 x 10

@RPE 8-9

*backpack full of weights can be used for this at home*


3 x 50

*Scale to single unders but with a high jump to practice your jump for double unders*

Video Demos


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