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Superset A.

Deadlift (4×6)

4 sets, 6 reps

-RPE 7

Be explosive with the hips, tempo on the way down. Think “push into the ground and squeeze glute and quads at the top”

Weighted Chin-ups (3x MAX REPS)

Use a weight that will get you between 5-8 reps.

-RPE 8-9

Use any scale that will get you to those reps.

Superset B.

Romanian DeadLift (RDL) (3×15)

Double Dumbbell

-RPE 9

Only go as far as your hamstring will go. Slow coming down, explosive coming up.

Single Leg Hip Thrust (3×10/10)

This is a difficult exercise so its okay to only use your bodyweight.

-RPE 9


Banded Lat Pull Down (3×10/10)

Single Arm Pull Down

-RPE 8-9

Keep your body centered when pulling down. Slightly tilt your chest back 45 degrees.

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